Blend / Packing

Blend / Packing

Our mixtures of dyes and pigment are realized and transformed in a specificated area, through which we can offer you :

 - The creation of “to size” colours in a 800 liter powder-mixing machine

- The preparation of powder dyes mixed with various  ingredients (maltodextrin, natrium sulfate,….)

- Conditionning of 10g up to 5kg bags through a volumetric weighing machine, and of 5-25kg through a specific gravity balance.

-  Dissolution of powder dyes in water solution and conditioning by 100ml up to 1000ltr

- Creation of liquid dyes through a 200ltr mixing pannier

All our dissolutions happen with pure water (fully deionised water) permitting a perfect demineralisation


The bacteriological level is guaranteed through a UV flash just before the use of water in production. A bacteriological monitoring is put in realisation before every important production period


The monitoring on colour conformity is assured through a laboratory control with the use of a Minolta 3600d spectrocolorimeter