Our company

Created in 1996, ART E'COLOR is a brand of COLOREY SAS, designed to meet the demand of artisans, individuals, artists, but also industrialists ... seeking to obtain dyestuffs in small quantities and to attractive rates.

As such, you will find on this site a great diversity of pigments and dyes, to meet the needs of each:

ORGANIC and MINERAL pigments, as well as more specific ranges:

  • SOLUPOUDRES pigments (for aqueous media)
  • FLUORESCENT pigments
  • Nacres / Powder Bronze / Glitter
  • etc ...

A wide range of FLUORESCENT PLOTTERS for hydrological tracing, leak detection ...
For several years, ART E'COLOR has become one of the leading specialists in this field.

Dyes for all types of environments:

  • water
  • alcohols
  • fatty media : oils, waxes, greases, hydrocarbons ...
  • organic solvents ...